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Welcome... to the online station of the Whitehall Police Department.
We hope you will use this website as an access tool to information about the Village of Whitehall, and our Police Department. 
We maintain a Full Time, 24 Hour Police Department.  The Department employs a Chief of Police, a Sergeant, two Full Time Patrol Officers and a number of Part Time Patrol Officers. 

The Department maintains patrols throughout the Village of Whitehall at all times of the Day and Night, as well as supplemental patrols for DWI / Traffic Enforcement.  There are also "Special Detail" patrols assigned by the Chief of Police.

The Village of Whitehall is located within upstate New York in  Washington County, and is approximately 4.8 Square Miles.  The Village has an estimated Population of  3,000 residents.
Please check our website often for new updates, and take advantage of the features we have placed on our website for our community and visitors.




Protecting yourself, your children, and your family online has quickly become a number one concern of people in today's age.
Take a few minutes and check out a few of the links we've posted, and ensure the safety of you and your family.  The internet and social media, if used properly, can be one of the greatest tools the world has ever seen, and if not used safely, can in the same breath be anyone's worst nightmare.

Do you know where the Sex Offenders live...?

Do you know where the sex offenders are living?
Are they in your neighborhood?
We're arming you with the knowledge, or at least a link to it! 
Our Sex Offenders page features a link to one of the best, free, Sex Offenders searches and free notifications service out there - Family Watchdog
Please, take advantage of it, search away, and sign yourself up for the free notifications to receive notice when a registered sex offender moves into your area.



Whitehall Police Department
57 Skenesborough Drive, Whitehall, NY 12887
Non-Emergency Phone (518)499-1316
Fax (518)499-3570
Emergency -  Dial 911

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